Why Choose Us

Big enough for all your needs! Small enough to care!

More than half a million sq. ft. of freezer space, nearly 250,000 sq. ft. of additional cooler space, and three million sq. ft. of dry storage, in a constant environment. Recognized as a leader in frozen food storage, Interstate Underground Warehouse boasts enough usable space to put the surfaces of 83 football fields inside, and twelve and one half of them would be inside a freezer! Yet, we are truly focused on your needs, assisting you in your business' storage and distribution needs!

Interstate Underground Warehouse and Distribution is a top-rated warehousing, fulfillment and distribution company, family owned for over a quarter century. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our clients needs, and boast a full compliment of experienced warehouse and maintenance personnel. We are equipped with modern handling and storage facilities and machinery; for instance, we have a fleet of over twenty brand new forklifts at your service. We are completely underground, but at street level, so you can drive right in. We are located close to major arterial highways and we have built-in rail handling for easy railroad shipping. Our modern accounting and inventory control systems, compatible with EDI, provide shipping documentation, even billing for your business. We are recognized in the Frozen Food industry as an award winning facility, and maintain memberships in warehousing and manufacturing associations. Certified by AIB for cleanliness and operational safeguards. Round the clock on-site security is maintained for your protection and confidence. Small businesses make their homes with us, RV'ers and boaters store with us, and we have room for you too!

Location, location, location!

We're right up the road! We front on I-435 just a mile off I-70. Easy to find, easy to use. Centrally located, easy freeway access, Direct Access Docks for trucks, easy railroad access and on-premise transfer. We can handle 36 railcars at the same time! Easy transfer to air links to everywhere.

Lower operating costs

We have constant temperature and humidity - less worry about "preparing" your equipment and stock for storage. We don't have those sky-high cooling and heating bills to pass on to you like facilities that climb high into the sky! Unmatched service and price! We have substantial utility-bill savings, and pass them on to our clients.

Climate controlled

Our state of the art equipment insures that freezer room temperatures remain at a constant -10-degrees, protecting your product and extending shelf life. Our cooler space is constantly monitored by our trainer staff to maintain temperature at 34-38-degrees. We can modify areas for lower temperatures to fit your needs.

Full range of services

Handling, storage, fulfillment. All from clean well maintained facilities. Computerized inventory tracking, packaging and labeling. State of the art inventory control, shipping documentation and billing. Full EDI capabilities too! Secure, guarded storage for your auto, boat, R.V., motor home? Yes, that too!

Secure, safe, convenient

No worry about unauthorized outsiders; we have 24-7 manned guard service, and monitored access. No worry about weather, snow, heat, wind, storms on the surface either! Longer Hours too; we're here from 7:00 AM 'till 11:00 PM, not bankers' hours.

Clean, safe and recognized

We are members of American Frozen Food Assn., the Number One Frozen Food Warehouse Association, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, International Food Manufacturers Association. We are a Custom Bonded Warehouse for tax deferred storage. We're certified by the AIB for achievement in cleanliness and operation safeguards too!

Comfortable business terms

Long term lease? Not unless you want it. And the lease we DO have is written by and for ordinary human beings, not Philadelphia Attorneys! The customer comes first!

Inventory control

We utilize a comprehensive inventory management system to record your shipment activity. The moment your product arrives, it is logged into our warehouse management system. With every delivery your inventory levels are tracked and maintained in real time.

RV, boat and auto storage

Don't winterize that boat or RV - just store it in our 60º storage areas! We can handle large motor homes, and boats during those off peak times of year. We can even store your household goods!


We are proud to be recognized by and affiliated with EDI, American Frozen Food Institute, International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, International Food Manufacturers Association, US Department of Agriculture and AIB.